It’s been two years since this blog began, and ever since then, my passion for writing has grown immensely, and my experiences broadened as each day passes.  Thank you so much for the compliments, the words of encouragement to keep going, and the support.  Someday, I’ll be able to write a proper book, y’know? Novel and all, but for now, I’ll settle for this.

April 26th, 2014: 11 Things I Learned from 11 Relationships (formerly titled as eleven lessons from eleven boys) was published on ThoughtCatalog.


Chryselle Gustilo on carnivaltowns:
“Tiff, you make me want to fall in love.”
“I just love how you write! Every sad post makes me want to hug you.”
“Omfg, you write so good I stalk carnivaltowns all the time.”

“And by themselves [your entries], they hit the right spot.  Always relatable, always relevant.” – Nina Lloren
“I love your blog, and now I’m more of a fangirl than I was before.” – Sonya Sison
“It’s good writing, eh.” – Jed Carangan
“Dude, maybe you should write for a living? So far nafe-feel ko you’re good for feature articles since feature-ish stuff pa lang nababasa ko and they’re great.” – Princess Dalmas
“Your writing is really honest… (and other words that people use to describe good writing).” – Mel
“Random, Tiff, but you write really well.” – Kara Chung
“Hi, hello, I’m really flattered [you followed me] because I really, really like your writing.” – Apple Nocom

“I kinda read your blog.  God, I liked it. Is it too much to say that I loved it?”
“I just reread it because I like how you write.”
“I hope that you don’t stop writing because you’re really good at it.”


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