Them, in Moments

(Post inspired by Chynna)

1. “I remember seeing her on the golf course,” he announced in between bites.  “And she was the most beautiful woman there.” The table was not silent.  The child was in tears, demanding food through her wails.  “You always say that,” she blushes like a schoolgirl, as he kisses her cheek.  “I wish that could have been enough to take away the stress, dear.” “I’m not here to relieve, but to speak the truth.” He calls attention to her radiance even in the noise, as if even in the unsettling cacophony, he still makes everything clear.

2. I held the album in my hands.  The day was surprisingly silent, as my fingers skimmed photograph after photograph.  He was dapper in his plain black suit, his bow tie neatly tied, and his eyes brimming through his glasses.  She glowed in her white dress, her smile emitting a kind of light even the sun would ask for.  Their solace radiated from the book.  They have not only become one, but settled into each other.

3. He shook my hand and said goodbye, just as I have done for the whole time I’ve stayed.  “Just in case I won’t see you again — it was nice meeting you.” He blended into the shadows and disappeared into his room, and I wondered if I could find that mirage again.

4. She kissed me goodbye, and thanked me for the cake.  “You are so sweet, such a darling.” As we set our luggage down on the front steps of the train station, we watched her drive away.  They deserve each other, I thought as the car disappeared into the forest.  It wasn’t like they were forced to be with one another, they chose to be.  I can live without you, I just don’t want to.

5. He hangs his coat on the rack outside.
Mein Engel (My Angel),” she calls.
And even without wings, he flies to her, as the baby joyfully cries.
“You’ve come home.”
No fireworks, no surprises.
Just them.


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