9:40 PM

The rain has fallen silent, and the streets have returned to its serenity, as this city is on Sundays. But in solitude, my mind comes alive– thoughts coming in and out–memories usually that I know will never come back.

I have that feeling of love within me, like my heart beats for someone again, but that person is nonexistent. It’s easy, so easy to fall for an idea. But you can’t embrace an idea, you can’t hold an idea, you can’t kiss an idea. It’s like I can’t not love. Believe me, I try to build a wall like the others do, but the material isn’t strong enough. To build a wall, you have to have the strongest will to hold off anything that will hurt.

But what if you care more for someone else than your own? It’s like I’m compelled to love, like it’s compulsory for me to share it with people, even to those who do not deserve it.


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