Santorini (Summer in Europe 2014)

(Sorry for the late, late post!)

Unlike my previous post on the city of Athens, I won’t do much talking for Santorini.  It’s because (1) the photos speak for themselves, and (2) Santorini is meant for visual entertainment and not so much for its history (same as Mykonos).

We took a 10am plane to the island and headed straight to Pantelia Suites, our hotel.  The good thing about the place is everything’s just super near to each other.

Pantelia Suites is perched on a hill in the city of Fira/Thira, the center part of Santorini.  Our view is in front of the volcano that caused the split of the island (if I’m correct?).

(Still looking for a dish quite like you, triple mushroom risotto. 😦 )

We decided to eat lunch first at Sphinx, this awesome awesome fusion restaurant that had such a killer triple mushroom risotto (pictured above).  We then had their chocolate souffle.


After lunch (and a bit of roaming around in Thira), we took a bus to Oia.  It’s the place where the famous Santorini sunset is (although aren’t sunsets the same everywhere…), and also where most of the postcard-worthy photos come from.  The city (town?) is located at the northern tip of the island and it takes twenty minutes to get there.

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Obviously shooting for their wedding photos.  The view was spectacular, by the way, when we climbed up that hill.  And I had to credit the photographers, too!

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The Aegean Sea’s color is described as sapphire blue, and when you look down, you don’t have a murky view of what’s under the sea.  The water is crystal clear and has no trash in it.

We then had a splendid dinner at the famed Kastro’s.  The place is usually overbooked because it’s the best place to watch the Santorini sunset from.  But sadly, the weather conditions proved cloudy and we only got like a dot of the sun sinking down.  So no photos from Oia re: the sunset.

The guys at Kastro’s were super, super, super nice especially since we met their relatives who owned shops in the town.  They gave us a free chocolate souffle to enjoy!

Coming from the bathroom (lol wow), the Santorini evening was also pretty great.  While the island basked in the glory of the sunlight, the evening is surrounded by moderately bright porch lights and the moonlight.  It can also get pretty cold (and windy!).


After a fabulous breakfast by the sea (aka enjoying the view from our room terrace), we ate lunch at Naoussa, a great seafood place.

We rented a car to drive to Akrotiri, the southern tip of the island.  We first drove to the Akrotiri Prehistoric Museum to check out the ruins of the old city of Santorini then we proceeded to drive up to the hill with the lighthouse.  It’s also the highest point of the island, and from there you could see the other two cities/towns.

Unlike the white sandy beaches we’re used to, Santorini had “black beaches.” They were called that because the sand is not white, but “black” due to the volcanic ash.  The water was pretty cold too, so we decided not to swim.

After driving back to the city (and having some awesome Greek frozen yogurt at Chillbox!), we had ice cream at Haagen Dazs to catch the sunset.  Mind you, this was what we expected over at Oia so Fira/Thira wins this one.

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Fira/Thira is pretty beautiful on its own, and what I love about the island as a whole is it proves its “overratedness.” What I mean is initially, I didn’t want to go to the island because of how overrated it was.  But after seeing the place, it is visually stunning and so full of color.  It’s saturation overload.

Taken from Naoussa.

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

So the Greek adventure ends for now.  One more place to go.


6 thoughts on “Santorini (Summer in Europe 2014)

  1. True those photos speak for themselves! I would like to visit one day, too 🙂 but I wonder apart from breathtaking views, are there a lot of things to do in Santorini?

    1. Not much though if you’re looking for historical/mythological stuff! But I heard they have an excursion to the lost city of Atlantis, and some volcano tours. But other than that, it’s a place made for relaxation and food tripping!

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