Prague (Summer in Europe 2014)

(Note: All photos were taken by the author through the iPhone 5s and edited in VSCO.)

People have been beating down our backs about going to Prague.  Every time we spoke of our travels in Europe, our friends and other family members would ask, “Why haven’t you checked out Prague? It’s beautiful and wonderful there.” Indeed, when I was looking through the What To Do articles for our trip this year, I did see how wonderful it was.  And upon arrival, it was even more beautiful than it was on print.


We stayed in Hotel Residence Agnes, a bed-and-breakfast boutique hotel owned by this guy named Frank.  While he claims that this is his “fourth baby,” he does construction work and is into the real estate business.  If you can squint a little bit, you can see that pink wall over there with a hanging streetlamp.  That’s the front side of the hotel (not that I’m sure what the “back end” looks like).  At this time, we were off to our first agenda, which was the Prague Walking Tour, after a really great breakfast.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

One of the first stops we made on the Prague Walking Tour was the Castle District (or Hradcany, from “hrad” meaning “castle” in Czech).  As its name suggests, this district houses a few of the palaces that were once occupied by royal families, as well as a few churches inside.

We then moved on to a boat tour under Charles Bridge.  It was once known as the Stone Bridge, but has been called Charles Bridge since, and is used as the connector between Old Town and Mala Strana.

After the walking tour, Frank suggested that we try Kampa Park, a restaurant that served international cuisine.  It’s located under the Charles Bridge (well, not literally under it, but we’re below it-ish).

(Just some of the food we ate. These are mine, hehe.)


Since we were done with the whole city tour (Prague’s really small!), we decided to explore the city on our own (aka what we usually do).  In a nutshell, we revisited most of the sights we saw the previous day because the tour was kind of rushed so we breezed through almost all the major ones (plus it was really, really hot!!!!).  But with the help of the hotel concierge, we were able to visit some new ones.

We got dropped off by Frank at the Petrin Tower, their equivalent of the Eiffel Tower.  The view up there was pretty good.

House of Mirrors.

 Kogo is this pretty cool restaurant that Frank (again) recommended us to eat at.  Unlike Kampa Park, the place serves Italian food.


 There was a pretty bad hailstorm that hit the city so we didn’t get to go out much.  We did, however, eat lunch at Pasta Fresca.  It was pretty cool selecting all the different kinds of pasta plus we had cheese and ham for an appetizer.

All in all, I liked Prague.  It had its intrigue and it was magical at night.  But it didn’t live up to the expectations that I had before our arrival.


8 thoughts on “Prague (Summer in Europe 2014)

      1. Definitely adding Budapest to my travel bucketlist! I look forward to your post. ❤

      2. You’re most welcome. I love your blog. I enjoy going through your posts. Hehe.

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