Limitlessness in the greatest limit

It’s a dream to know so much of the world — to be able to breathe the nippy air a tropical country can never give, to run your hands along the ruins of an ancient civilization, and to watch different cultures converge in a city unlike yours.  That, to me, is the greatest piece of freedom a human can ever achieve — to know what was once unknown.  Adam and Eve found it out the first time when they wanted to know the difference between Good and Evil, to know what it would be like to be greater than God.  It led to eternal banishment, of course.  But implanted in them, whether by the influence of the serpent or a natural curiosity coaxed by an outside force, was the desire to know more than what was presented to them.

It would be impossible to tell the person beside you that the world still looked the same every single day, because each minute the bricks on the wall age, the streets would soon have little chipped scars, and seasonal fashion evolves.  If only time permitted us to stay, to watch the world change right before our very eyes and to change with it.  If only time permitted.  That’s the thing.  We are bound by the very thing that influences change the most, and yet it’s been lifetimes, how could we still not understand Time? I’m telling you, it’s beyond the hands of the clocks, the sands of the timer, and the alarms.

It’s hard enough to believe in the concept of a Soul, more because when the finality of death hits the people who are left behind, it’s a feeling of robbery only without your hands up, begging for innocence.  “Why did you leave us so soon?” “It wasn’t supposed to be this way.” “I don’t understand, and I never will.” It’s been lifetimes, and we still don’t understand.  If only the reasons were given early on, like some causes.  But all you have is the body of what was once alive, you, and the ground separating you both.  Death is a light switch turned off by something somewhere, and it’s a bulb you can’t change.  Even if you wanted to, you’d only burn yourself in the process.

But another great thing about who we are is we don’t believe in finiteness so much.  I’m not talking about the end, but of lasting beginnings.  We relay words back and forth, sharing not only about who we are, but the people who have made us who we are.  Maybe that’s why people choose to connect with others rather than not knowing, because you’d like to live life with someone by your side, even if we constantly claim how independent we are.  It may be the friends, a significant other, family, pets, etc.  It’s better to see the world with more than just a pair of eyes, it makes everything more meaningful, and you’ll begin to see the world for what it was from the Other, rather than just taking in a one-sided perspective from your own.  This is the closest thing to the reality of a Soul for me, because the one who passed lives on in other people, in the events, in ruins.  This is the limitlessness of the human: to live on, to be remembered.  And this will last until the last of the people who have remembered you will pass on — forever in the eyes of a human.

To Miko, I only knew you as one of my orgmates in LFC, more so since I’ve heard stories of your great passion and talent for filmmaking (along with your girlfriend, Lyka).  I will never know how you would change my life the way you changed others. It’s different, I guess, when you’re present and you’d tell the person right beside you the story of your life.  I won’t pretend to know you anymore than I already have, even if I wanted to.  But one thing I could assure is that while you have gone on to Paradise is you have become a human concept of forever, your spirit preserved in the stories told and the people changed.

Rest in peace, Miko Ancheta.  My prayers go out to his family and friends.
Also dedicated to the people he has touched and the stories he has told through film.


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