it’s not the pale moon that excites me

as if I couldn’t breathe enough, as if words couldn’t say how much this all feels so familiar to me. and in a way, it’s pretty unique all the same.  It’s really funny how I’ve always dreamt of finding someone who had ALL the qualities I liked in someone: smart, physically built, nice smile, preferred race, etc.  Although we haven’t exchanged words that could equate to a decent conversation, I felt myself sing at the prospect of you actually coming close to all these qualities.

Age is just a number, or so they say.  And even if I broke that one little rule in my long list of standards, maybe it’s worth it for now.  I’m laying the words I will soon speak, the space my mind offers for you, and the inevitable hurt that will come my way, knowing that perfection is something I can never hold onto, even if I try.

(but it’s just me)


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