a few words on teenage romance

I’m currently watching A Cinderella Story and I’ve reached the part where Chad Michael Murray turns around and ogles at Hilary Duff as the spotlight shone on her, making her glow in her white dress as she takes in all the attention in.  This is the first time people acknowledge her existence and that’s that for now.

What I find most fascinating about teenage love (and what I find to be the butt of all kinds of love) is that it’s mostly temporary.  You “fall in love” once and you finally say it’s forever, but at the end of it all, there’s an invisible best before tacked on both your behinds.  How can you even claim it’s for the long run when couples older than you rush in line to get divorces at some point in life? How could you claim you love this sixteen-year old now and you dream about marrying her? How are you so sure that in ten years she will still be the same girl who ran in the rain with you as you kissed her under the thunderstorm? She stopped playing with Barbie dolls, guy.  Maybe she’d stop “loving” you at some point.

Teenagers speak in metaphors, claiming that “you are the star that shines above my sadness” or all those emo one-liners that get girls swooning and crying.  But don’t you realise that beneath the hyperboles and idioms, they never really get anywher

I noticed with teenage romances is that the experience is intense.  When you fall, you really do fall.  You’d go through gut-wrenching heartaches and painful butterfly syndromes.  All the songs in the world make you think of him or her and the thought of losing him or her to someone else equates to death.   But while it’s a very intense and not a very enjoyable experience (at times), it’s fleeting.  RIght after you go through the tears, the (sometimes) unrequited manner of it all, you find yourself still living, undead.

And maybe that’s why teenage romance whirls around the whole concept of forever.  We are all scared of not knowing, you know.  We’re all scared that while the intense experience is still burgeoning and new, we would somehow lose it all at some point and we’d go through fights, go through losing friendships, over the desperation to taste some of that intensity for once.  And in the end, was it all worth it? We can never really blame ourselves for investing so much in young love.

We all go through it and try as we might, we can’t avoid it.


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