it’s the weight of love in your arms


If your smile alone could tell me the words behind it, what would you have said? If in the way your hand grazes against the skin of mine or the way your eyes light up like the streetlights at night, should we stay silent instead? The old songs and adages tell us that we do not need words to feel, but the experiences we have of filling the voids, filling the empty holes we have at present.  You cannot tell me you would have loved me back then because that was not my world.  You cannot tell me you will love me later because we both don’t know when this will all end.  Have me then now and now alone, giving me the sole privilege of hearing the sound of your voice, the smell of your cologne, or the notion that for now, you are beside me.  We stay in this moment, never looking back and refusing to look forward.

I turn to you and I tell you, “this is all right with me.”


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