how dare you think you’d get away with trying to play me?

and this is the moment everyone waits for, when you watch me crumble to the floor in shame while you tell me there’s nothing you could do.  if you only knew that moments we have are precious to me and knowing you share more with someone else tells me I should’ve forgotten about all those things.  I see you beyond it, you know.  I see you beyond your perfection.  I see you in a much brighter light, when your flaws are highlighted, and when you give me smiles for responses.

I wish you knew that my heart beats for you, you should’ve heard them.  they were crying out, i wish you heard. but of course, you were blinded by your own selfishness to play with my emotions to see that it worked.

just like you intended it to be.

just like you always do.

moments I should not have wasted on you have long past and gone. the smile you brought to my face no longer exists and I hold you to deny the truth, but only when the moment comes where I can finally learn to let you go is the moment I should be waiting for.

four months.


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