do you not think so far ahead?

I wake up to the faint light of six AM, recovering from a dream I had of you.  I saw you crying, laughing, and messing with me.  I imagined the situation most like in class where your smile means the whole world to me at this moment.  Don’t even think about all the commitment conditions, just think of life in moments.  I feel so strongly for you now, and it wasn’t like I caused it to be this way.  Strike two.  Strike two.  But that’s the thing with guys like you: it’s funny how you have the power to lead us on and leave us dying in the dust of a broken heart in the end.

But before I lose the dream in a matter of seconds, I know that I’ll feel the emptiness of you soon enough, and then it’s time to move on again.  Just like always.  Ever-moving, never stuck in the middle.

(A/N: Sorry, I haven’t been writing in so long! I promise to update more soon.  Been busy with my novel for Nanowrimo.)


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