we bring it in but we go no further

It got to the point where I had to ask another if you did, and you did.  I try to look for flaws in you, characteristics where you miss instead of hit, where you fumble instead of score.  Don’t worry, it means you have gotten under my skin deeper than I thought you could go under.  This is the phase where I look for the taints in this glorified perfection I have put you in, because I have always thought you to be the perfect one (for now).

Why does it take me asking others to look for flaws? Why does it take one flaw to finally give me some kind of permission to eschew out of liking you? I had the liberal power, the choice to back out when I wasn’t in too deep.  I could’ve stopped right now if I wanted to.

Because liking you is always easier said than done.
Because I have something else to blame for my liking you.
Because in truth and in all honesty, as much as I would want to let you go,

I can’t.


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