sinking slowly

And in the end, was it worth it? This urgent feeling of wanting, of needing is rising in my chest, and I can’t help but look back to that day when we spoke with words, not with eyes.  Why is it that we don’t need words anymore? We both understand that we hurt, we smile, and we transcend, but why is it that it is only once in a week that we actually elaborate about anything? Is that day as meaningful? Is there a science behind it?

Of course, you wouldn’t understand.  You don’t even know how I’m feeling, right up to this moment where I hold it all in.  I feel the pain seething and I allowed it in.  But I am capable enough of holding my words inside me, for fear you have chosen the silence and you would block the words out, not hearing me at all.

Is it a tarry to talk with me, to speak with words? You smile, you gaze, and yet you leave without a moment’s notice.  Have we both chosen the silence then? I hope you remembered the moments we had, the times when we’d share certain things, and the world was oblivious to us.  I look at you, but you don’t look back.  Time is running out, what have we left here?


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