I was difficult to see but you picked me


It’s right to say that life indeed is made of accidents.  We discussed this in Philosophy class a while ago, and it is true.  The choices we make and hell, even the life we’re born into was an accident.  But this is not to cheapen the entire phenomenon because the word accident is not taken into context as a mistake or an unintentional thing.  It is an accident because it’s unnecessary.  But again, why had it happened?

So when I can totally claim that meeting you was an accident, it was a most fortunate of accidents.  It never meant that I needed you in some way, but did I need you because you were an accident in life? I never decided for you to come in, but you did with a flourish and you had me there and then.

You had me then and I didn’t even need you but was I shaped by the unnecessariness of you and in the end I eventually grew to want you?


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