You overlook the whole with half a smile, perusing the room with darting eyes.  I smirk, you smirk back, naughtily warring.  You had me, as I raised you higher, higher than the heavens could rise.

Higher than birds could fly.
Higher than how far the airplanes pierce the sky.

But do you rise t the occasion as I shyly hand you my vulnerability, all this emotion in the palm of my hand, and you take it willingly, looking down from the pedestal I have raised you on.  You handle it with fragility, the touch of a humble man but you bear a crown on your head.  You are hypnotized by your own capability , and you ignore the feeling of being alone.

Is it lonely up there?
Have you forgotten that you were once down here?

But the words can never come out of me, the words I wanted to say.  Words you can never hear, when you are so above everyone else.  You can hardly hear even yourself, as the sound of your ego grows louder and louder with each step you take.  You rise and you rise until you reach it, and you are so far up above, far beyond reach.

Only when do I rise with you, touching the coldness of metal, the purity and the beauty of gold meets violet.  The colors of power, the colors of royalty do I see who owns the throne.


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