To The Fourth

Dear Number Four,

Count the moments we have had, or supposedly had in your delusional reality.  We worked through shortened words and even shared some of our secrets to one another.  I liked you at one point and maybe I was led on by you, thanks to my god-dratted feelings.  I had a good time with you and maybe it was more than just those two months.

Or so I thought.

You must know that I am a person of zero commitment, in terms of relationships.  First, I’m not even allowed to have a boyfriend and second, I get over people like you in mere minutes.  I don’t even know what qualities I find positive in you, as you seem to instead cling onto the past instead of what’s happening now.  Don’t you get it? I’m not into you anymore, so stop trying.

You still reminisce about what happened to the both of us and you had forgotten that it is not so anymore.  I tend to deviate from guys like you because you seem like you have so much to offer, but you’re a deadbeat in the end.  I don’t blame you for your imbalance, it’s normal.  But don’t try to force your personality onto me because the more I’ll pull away from you, and our relationship’s kind of estranged already.

Forget what we had before because I already did, or at least I deny anything ever happened.  You do realize that I haven’t been replying to your messages, yes? So I do hope ironically, you get that message.

Get lost.


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