Dear Josh


I don’t know what I’d do if I met you in real life.  I always tried to imagine it sometimes and I hope you don’t find it strange because I’m guessing you get a lot of these freak-out sessions too.  I’d imagine walking along the streets of New York or LA and you’ll be there, buying a Starbucks.  It would take me about ten minutes to stare at you, and ten seconds to realize, “hey, it’s him!” But I’d lose myself and stop the dream midway because I don’t want to be held up in my fantasies.

I’d croak a feeble “Josh,” and you’d turn around and smile like a cherub because that’s how you are.  Maybe I would break down a little bit and you’d stand there, trying to shake me back into reality.  You’d think it strange about how a girl like me could admire you so much, and it’s not just because you’re stunningly good-looking.  You are the best screenwriter around, I could tell you that much.  I listened to your podcast with Riki Lindhome and the way you spoke, it gave me chills.  It’s rare to find controlled actors/directors/writers like you who actually know what they want, and you are the first reason why I want to write or at least dabble in screenplays.  Your movies make me smile and the way you tell stories… they’re amazing.

I wish you had more praise than what you’ve been presented with.  It sucks how the world sees happiness as this dream that everyone can’t have, or at least we have to be pit in hell to reach for it.  I myself face the world with a cynic’s eyes, or probably because I have faced a lot of torment in my life.  It’s not a deep torment, I assure you.  But maybe it’s a torment caused by the norms of society and maybe my dreams of achieving big.

How I Met Your Mother (I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times) is one of those shows I’ve had down pat memorized and re-watched a hundredfold.   It’s not because the lines are well-written but it’s because the feel of it is so real, and it reassures all of us that the best films or shows out there don’t need a green screen to show all the action.  Ted Mosby would never have been the same if you weren’t giving life to him and you’ve done the character justice.  Actually, because of you and Ted, I can never lower my standards for men again (hahaha).

I don’t know if you’ll ever read this because you hate reading stuff about yourself.  It’s terrible how you get hate for something you love to do.  But well, that’s how society runs, I guess.  Is it the crab mentality or the negative “reality” of society that dreams deemed unreal should be shot down immediately? I read your article “Why I chose Happythankyoumoreplease over sadscrewyougetlost” and it was written splendidly well.  I have shared that piece with almost everyone I knew and they too got the chills.   Reading what you write, Josh, gives me this warm feeling all over, like you literally hugged the entire audience with your passion and truth.  Every time.  Maybe because what you write is so real, it’s almost frighteningly unreal.  It’s sometimes unreal in a sense because we’re all trying to find the superhero or extraordinary skill in us and we try so hard to be perfect, we lose the essence of who we are as people.  That there are stories in the flaws and imperfections we all have to carry.

That’s why I don’t believe in the term ‘realist.’ So many people claim to be those people and yet, we don’t even know what reality is.   How many times do the –ist ending words apply to us? Are we always defined by how we view the world? Or if ever, do our viewpoints segregate us, wherein the negative lie in the majority? I’m not making any claims.

All I’m saying is I wish you knew how many people love you out there.  It sucks how you chanced upon the hate and I wish I could see you and tell you how brilliant you are as a person and the many labels you have, the jobs you’re attached to, they are all brilliantly done and you deserve to have those careers.

I want to sit down with you and have a thirty-minute chat or something because I want to know how your mind works.  But sadly, I’m thirteen hours away from where you are and god, you don’t know how much I love you and your work.  You seem so grounded and full of stories to tell.  I wish to write something with you, but ah, it’s a long shot.

                                                      Wishing for a screenplay opportunity with you (or something),

PS: I actually am writing this novel called Notes on a Screenplay and you were the inspiration behind one of my main characters. I’m going to turn it into a screenplay soon and hopefully, I can show it to you in another life. Haha.  Or give it as a gift to you.

PPS: I’m joshradnor on tumblr.


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